There’s a lot of “stuff” going on this website. Let me clear the air.

I’m a musician. I make serious music.

Then there’s DEDTED. I produce music as well. You can purchase beats there.

I’m also a stand-up comedian. I make un-serious music and jokes.

Okay so what’s up with “Photography” section. Basically, I’m super broke and love photography so if you want to support me you can purchase prints.

I also write. I used to have a small student journalism website. They were mostly op-eds. I was invited to go to the J.F.K. Space Center to cover the Parker Solar Probe. So if you’re looking for a writer, comedic or serious, I’m your guy.

Shout out to my best-friend Ivan Delgado for taking all these pictures of me. He took them; I edited them. You can check him out here. He’s a photo/cinematographer.